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Aaron Bushnell

Aaron Bushnell is a Bountiful artist with a growing reputation due to his expressive handling of paint. While his pastoral landscapes are an easier sell, Bushnell is drawn to more urban settings: freeway passes, refineries, stoplights. In the above interview Bushnell discusses why he searches out these places, […]

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Erica Houston

An Addiction to Colored Pencils A video interview with Erica Houston Portrait painting is a notoriously difficult task, and not just because the ability to achieve a reasonable likeness with line and color is a craft that requires hours of dedication. Dealing with the emtoins and self-image of […]

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Chad Crane

Some artists embrace their background. Others flee it. Chad Crane does something in between. Though he is a rural Utah boy who grew up watching Westerns and surrounded by the cowboy life, Crane hates cowboy paintings. Which is precisely why he started to paint them. These aren’t the […]


Donna Poulton on Edgar Payne

One of the hardest parts of writing is deleting that hard-won paragraph that just doesn’t fit the final draft. Equally difficult for a film editor is watching all that wonderful material end up on “the cutting room floor.” But while authors rarely have the comfort of anticipating a […]

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Mary Toscano

This month at Kayo Gallery Salt Lake City artists Cara Despain and Mary Toscano open an exhibit of individually executed drawings, as well as a collaborative installation piece, entitled Into the White. The relatively young artists share a similar aesthetic, with an interest in expressive line executed on sparse […]

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Rod Heiss

A native Californian, sculptor Rod Heiss came to Utah fourteen years ago to apply his skills as a craftsman during the state’s building boom. When the housing market collapsed three years ago, Heiss encountered a moment of crisis. He made the most of the opportunity and threw himself […]