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New Year's EVE

New Year’s EVE

If you didn’t make it to the opening night of Salt Lake City’s EVE last night you’ve already missed its main visual arts event — the Gallery Stroll treasure hunt, where participants visited six participating galleries to find clues to claim a free work of art. There are still two days of EVE left, with...

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What makes for a good fundraising pitch?

What makes for a good fundraising pitch? Like other non-profits we’re always looking for ways to get across that basic, fundraising message — what we do is important; we need your money to do it. We don’t put on fancy events to do it (because then we’d need more of your money to do that),...

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35 x 35 Opening Night

With crowds waiting outside for the doors to open at 6 pm (okay, maybe not crowds: more like a handful of people, and the door was stuck and we let them in early, the point being that the whole evening got off to a good and early start) Artists of Utah’s 35 x 35 Exhibition...

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Frederick Brayman 1943 – 2009

Utah artist Frederick Brayman passed away on Sunday, August 16. "Visual artist, poet, musician and antiestablishmentarian, Frederick Brayman, passed away on August 16th, 2009 in Salt Lake City, Utah. He was born March 26th, 1943 in Seattle, Washington to Alice and Marshall Brayman. Funeral services will be held in Moab, Utah on Saturday, August 22nd....

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Flying Objects 2.0 Artists Announced

The second installment of the Salt Lake City Arts Council’s public art project Flying Objects will be coming to the streets of Salt Lake this spring. Twelve sculptures by fourteen Utah artists were selected to be placed near cultural institutions in the city. The artists selected are: Marcee and Ric BlackerbyJared P. BrownHolly ChristmasSteven DaytonDave...

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Brian Kershisnik’s Nativity

To celebrate the holiday season the UMFA is displaying Brian Kershisnik’s Nativity in its lobby beginning today, and continuing through January 2. Kershisnik is known for his ability to put abstract qualities of human life on canvas. Rich in color and distinctive in texture, his work often focuses on depictions of self, family and relationships. In...

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Bang for your Buck(s)

Every six months when our fundraisers roll around we have to sit around and think of new witty, stirring ways to say the same old thing — we need your financial support. We also brainstorm on how best to let you know how your financial contributions will affect your community. Well, this year one of...

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Also This Weekend (Cedar City)

Also going on this weekend, something that might give added incentive to anyone considering taking advantage of the beautiful weather and getting away, is the Cedar City Fall Arts Festival. Presented by the Cedar City Arts Council this Friday and Saturday (September 26 & 27) the event features selected local and regional artists in all types...

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Poor Yorick’s This Weekend

Well, if you’re part of the cool crowd and on the list then you already know about the Poor Yorick Studios’ Private Party tonight from 6 – 10 pm, featuring the bluegrass/roots sounds of special musical guests Pony Ride. If you’re not on that list, you could try crashing the party, or else show up...

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Sego Arts Festival This Weekend

On Friday and Saturday, September 26 and 27, the Sego Arts Foundation will be hosting their third annual Sego Festival in Provo, Utah. This year’s festival is  a collaboration of over 100 artists & 100 volunteers working together to create one cohesive festival under the theme "Own Provo". Attractions during the festival include but are...

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East Broadway Children's Fair

East Broadway Children’s Fair

If you’ve been to Salt Lake City’s Gallery Stroll recently, you’ll know that the Broadway Art Block (between about 150 East and 350 East) has become a vibrant and exciting part of the downtown tapestry. With galleries, bookstores, record stores, fashion boutiques, antiques, coffee shops and more, the strip of one-story retail shops remains one...

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Another Perceptive Journalist

Gavin Sheehan, another perceptive journalist, recently interviewed 15 Bytes editor Shawn Rossiter. A Logan native, Gavin is a writer/actor who works in the control room at KUTV Channel 2 in Salt Lake. He also maintains a blog on their site called Gavin’s Underground. Gavin lives in downtown Salt Lake and his blog is an "alternative...

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Following Julie Checkoway: Waiting for Hockney

On Tuesday we mentioned Julie Checkoway, new features writer for the Salt Lake Tribune, who was kind enough to write an article on Artists of Utah and 15 Bytes. Checkoway has worn a number of hats in her career. She was director for the Creative Writing program at the University of Houston, has written two...

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Art Coverage at the Trib

The Salt Lake Tribune has a new reporter for the visual arts in Utah. Since Christy Karras left the paper more than a year ago, Culture Vulture Brandon Griggs added visual arts coverage to his already full plate. Recently, however, the Tribune hired Julie Checkoway, a novelist, radio reporter and director of the documentary Waiting...

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Going Guerilla Again

Ten years ago this month, Salt Lake City artist Shawn Rossiter caused a minor stir (and probably one or two fender benders) in his Sugar House neighborhood when he hung a 4′ x 8′ abstract painting in primary colors in front of his house on 13th East. He also hung a long sign that read...

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