Utah Artists – S

Directory of Utah Artists arranged alphabetically. The letter S.

Scott Streadbeck

Scott Streadbeck is a sculptor based in Alpine Utah. He has a BA from Brigham Young University. 15 Bytes

Steven Stradley

Steven Stradley is a graduate of Utah State University and lives in Salt Lake City. His work includes abstract and non-objective elements which relate to the environment, especially the urban, social, and cultural environments that surround him.

Gregory Stocks

Gregory Stocks is a graduate of USU whose works are efforts to create images that serve as emotional detours from the noise and confusion of the surrounding world. 15 Bytes

Fredrick Stephens

Fredrick Stephens draws inspiration for his fiery landscapes from the same area that has moved so many other artists to paint: Central Utah.

Jodi Steen

Jodi Steen’s artistic journey began with a simle desire to create. Her abstract work actually helps her find balance in the midst of raising three kids and juggling schedules. Carving out time to paint has been a huge priority that is inspired by traveling to new places and […]

Kathryn Stedham

Kathryn Stedham has been an exhibiting artist for over twenty years. Examples of her paintings and monotypes are found in public and private collections including: Chicago, Colorado, New York City, Washington DC, Kansas, Louisville, KY. West Virginia, Utah, Vancouver and Japan. The artist’s gestural paintings are very much […]

Kathryn Stats

Kathryn Stats paints the landscapes of Utah and Arizona, as well as floral subjects. She works in oils and prices range from $500 to $7,000. 15 Bytes

Kate Starling

Kate Starling is an oil painter who lives and works in the canyons of Southern Utah. 15 Bytes

Kerry Soper

Kerry Soper creates oil landscapes of central Utah in a tonalist style. He teaches at Brigham Young University and his studio is located in historic Spring City. 15 Bytes

Joanne Smith

Joanne Smith says that “Painting symbols of a woman’s world on hand stitched fabric surfaces is what distinguishes my work.” 15 Bytes

Dennis Smith

Dennis Smith is a well known sculptor and painter from Highland, Utah.

Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith is an imaginative sculptor of fanciful amalgamations of sight and sound. He is represented by Chroma Gallery in Salt Lake City. 15 BYTES article