Utah Artists – M

Directory of Utah Artists arranged alphabetically. The letter M.

James Munford

James Munford Utah State University student James Munford is a painter and print maker. 15 Bytes

Amanda Moore

Amanda Moore resides in SLC. She teaches art and photography at the University of Utah and Weber State. Her last bodies of work, Motion Pictures and Bubblography, can best be described as installation and sculptural photography. She has an MFA in photography. [portfolio_slideshow exclude=”11294″] 15 Bytes

Amy K. Miller

Amy K. Miller, an acrylic painter and idealist who strives for good detail, specializes in nature scenes, animals, and people.

Chris Miles

Chris Miles worked for many years as an illustrator before returning to Utah and devoting his attention to fine art. He works in both a loose plein air style as well as a more detailed approach. 15 Bytes

Cheryl Merz

Cheryl Merz says, “I could sculpt and preserve water, I imagine the end result would be similar to what can be created with glass – fluidity, movement, depth, color, reflection, texture and mood all playing with the light and dark of our world.” 15 Bytes

David Merrill

David Merrill, a graduate of Art Center School in Los Angeles and former art director for TIME magazine, now lives in Park City and paints full time. 15 Bytes

Kali Mellus

Kali Mellus, a self-taught Salt Lake City artist, makes handmade jewelry, buckles and belts out of resin, hardware, organic and leather materials.

David Meikle

David Meikle is a landscape painter primarily interested in understanding form as it affected by light and atmosphere. He finds the landforms of the West ideal to explore relationships of pattern, color, and distance. He is particularly attracted open spaces and the often-overlooked beauty found in desolate rolling […]

Layne Meacham

Layne Meacham is a SLC artist whose experience in NYC in the 60’s has influenced his abstract expressionist style.15 BYTES article.

Frank McEntire

Frank McEntire, sculptor and independent curator, is the former art critic for The Salt Lake Tribune and Salt Lake Magazine. 15 Bytes article

Lesa McCullough

Lesa McCullough A Utah Native oil painting over 30 years, professionally 5 years. Most of her work is realism with her newest works leaning toward immpressionism!

Stan McBride

Native Utah artist Stan McBride’s aesthetic awareness is manifest in his paintings and photography. Website [portfolio_slideshow] 15 Bytes