Utah Artists – H

Directory of Utah Artists arranged alphabetically. The letter H.

Cary Henrie

Cary Henrie works on heavily textured and weathered canvases to create a rich patina of tones and light . He is represented by James Ratliff, Sedona, Az; Deloney/Newkirk, Santa Fe; Rice Gallery, Denver Co.; Dadamo/Woltz, Seattle; MueumWorks,ParkCity, Ut; Coda, Palm Desert. 15 Bytes

Jeff Hein

Jeff Hein is a native of New York who has studied in Idaho and at the University of Utah. He specializes in vibrant figurative and portrait work. 15 BYTES article

Paul Heath

Paul Heath is a graduate of the University of Utah and lives and works in Salt Lake. His works are pop influenced views of Salt Lake and Utah. 15 Bytes article. 15 Bytes

Lily Havey

Lily Havey, a native of Los Angeles, lives in Salt Lake City where she produces glass art and watercolors. 15 Bytes

Deborah Hart

Deborah Hart’s beadweaving uses color play and rich textures to create unique jewelry, and functional and decorative art.

Cristall Harper

Cristall Harper enjoys painting mostly with oils, and has a broad range of subject matter ranging from animals and landscapes to portraits and “peoplescapes.” She is a graduate of the painting program at Brigham Young University and has her studio in American Fork. 15 Bytes

Jen Harmon Allen

Jen Harmon Allen is a sculptor and installation artist who creates elegant and ethereal female figurative works. [portfolio_slideshow] 15 Bytes Article Leap The life and art of Jen Harmon Allen by Laura Durham When sculptor Jen Harmon Allen married in 2002, her domestic instincts kicked in as she […]

Kaziah Hancock

Kaziah Hancock , the Goat Woman, from Manti is a passionate painter – taking her inspiration form “real” life. Her style if bold and brave and her portraits capture the soul. 15 Bytes

Robert Hall

Robert Hall Fine Art prints through 19th century processes 15 Bytes

Renee Mox Hall

Renee Mox Hall works in watercolors and acrylics depicting landscapes and architecture of Park City, Summit County in a bold, bright loose style. 15 Bytes

Dave Hall

Dave Hall An avid outdoorsman, Dave Hall’s oil landscapes often depict the low light of dawn and dusk. He lives with his wife and two children in Salt Lake City and on Blaine Creek near Ennis, Montana. [portfolio_slideshow] 15 Bytes Article Exhibition Review: Salt Lake City Light & […]

Jeffrey Hale

Jeffrey Hale studied at both SLCC and The University of Utah. He paints stylized figures that focus on texture and shape. His work is at IAO Gallery and Evergreen Framing & Gallery. [portfolio_slideshow] 15 Bytes Article Jeff Hale: Doing It His Way A new body of portrait work […]