Utah Artists – F

Directory of Utah Artists arranged alphabetically. The letter F.

McGarren Flack

McGarren Flack is an alla prima figurative and portrait painter he also enjoys producing landscape and still life paintings.

Angela Bentley Fife

Angela Bentley Fife is a graduate of the University of Utah. Her figurative, still life and landscape paintings explore issues of role identification.

Deborah Fitts

Deborah Fitts is based in Park City, and works in both photographic and painting mediums. She is a graduate of Westminster College’s Art Department, and was selected as an exhibitor in the 2002/2003 show “35 x 35” which featured thirty-five Utah artists under the age of thirty-five.

Kindra Fehr

Kindra Fehr is a Salt Lake City watercolor artist whose subjects include children, chairs, bicycles and florals.

Jan Faught

Jan Faught lives and works in Salt Lake City, UT. Inspired by infinite variations of color, pattern, texture and form in the world, she paints in watercolor, acrylic, and oil and shapes ceramics based on the emotional content, inherent value, spirit, beauty and intimacy within each subject.

Mike Fletcher

Mike Fletcher is a self-taught artist who paints with acrylics in an Abstract Expressionist style. He is currently the show director for the Intermountain Society of Artists.