Utah Artists – B

Directory of Utah Artists arranged alphabetically. The letter B.

John Berry

John Berry lives in Northern Utah where he paints landscapes in oil of the Western United States.

Katrina Madsen Berg

Katrina Madsen Berg is a Midway resident who enjoys preserving old homes, barns and architecture with canvas and tubes of oil paint. 15 Bytes

Terrece Beesley

Bio Terrece Beesley grew up on a potato farm in Idaho, the youngest child, with four older brothers trying to keep her in line. She attended Utah State University, earning a BFA in painting and textile design. She then married, had her first child, and began her career […]

Court Bennett

Court Bennett says “My mixed-media sculptures stutter-step the uneasy edge between beauty, menace and humor. I apply unconventional materials, rules and reasons, imbuing each with fanciful narrative or quasi-life.”

Lee Udall Bennion

Lee Udall Bennion lives and works in Spring City, Utah and is well-known for her stylized figure work in oil. [portfolio_slideshow] 15 Bytes

Joe Bennion

Joe Bennion is a potter who lives and works in Spring City, Utah and and owns Horseshoe Mountain Pottery. [portfolio_slideshow] 15 Bytes

Marva D.H. Bennett

Marva D.H. Bennett, a professional artist in Utah since 1974, works primarily in stoneware sculpture and pottery,and is represented by Tivoli Gallery in Salt Lake City. 15 Bytes

Melody & Kurt Bellock

Melody & Kurt Bellock The figure and texture of Utah woods inspire Kurt to tell its story in his turnings. Melody then continues their magical transformation by inlaying gems & minerals in carved patterns or natural fissures in the wood. 15 Bytes

Sunny Belliston

Sunny Belliston is an assistant professor at BYU who creates both two and three dimensional works that explore the possibilities of abstraction as she responds to the modern landscape.

John Bell

John Bell combines the gestural elements of abstract expressionism with the linear qualities of geometric abstraction, the physicality of large scale modern sculpture, the ideas about space addressed in modern architecture, kinetics, and pop art images. 15 Bytes

Anne Becker

Anne Becker received her BFA from the University of Utah and paints in a variety of media.