Utah Artists – A

Directory of Utah Artists arranged alphabetically. The letter A.

Scott B. Allred

Scott B. Allred is a native of Spring City, Utah where he paints, specializing in large oil portraits and religious & spiritual art. 15 Bytes

Mitch Allen

Mitch Allen creates fine art landscape photography of the natural world. Images are captured on 4×5 large format film to ensure the highest quality print.

Sharon Alderman

Sharon Alderman is a handweaver, author and instructor who specializes in fabrics to wear, upholstery and other interior fabrics and color studies woven of cotton sewing thread.

Osral B. Allred

Osral B. Allred is a watercolor artist from Spring City. His favorite subjects include old people, buildings, and machinery as well as landscape.

Steven Lee Adams

Steven Lee Adams is a regionally well-known artist who captures quiet, introspective, semi-tonalist landscapes that urge the viewer to ponder more carefully the world without and within.

Alleman, Joseph

Joseph Alleman is a graduate of Utah State University and resident of Cache Valley. He is known principally as a watercolorist and uses the landscapes where he lives as an inspiration.