Utah Artists

Directory of Utah Artists arranged alphabetically and by media.

Patricia Priebe

Patricia Priebe’s paintings are watercolor and ink depicting the landscapes of Southern Utah, particularly the Capitol Reef National Park area.  

Don Prys

Don Prys says, “I relish in daily views of the Wasatch Mountain’s majestic vistas and wide expanses. You will see my lifelong appreciation for the spirit and grandeur of the West in my body of work.”

Jonna Ramey

Jonna Ramey is a Salt Lake City sculptor who began her career creating performance art and environmental sculpture and began carving stone at the beginning of this century. “Carving stone takes time; it’s a way to examine cultural concerns, myths and taboos. My work is sometimes figurative, rarely literal.”

Daniel Ramjoue

Daniel Ramjoue is a Salt Lake City painter known for his bright floral work.

Hadley Rampton

Hadley Rampton is a graduate of the University of Utah who works en plein air. She paints on site, whether traveling through the streets of Europe or capturing aspens in the high country of the Rocky Mountains.

Jennifer Martisen Rasmusson

Jennifer Martisen Rasmusson shifts between realistic and abstract gestural elements composed with a strong element of collage art.      

Alexis V. Rausch

Alexis Raush holds a BFA from the University of Utah. She is the marketing director at the Bountiful Davis Art Center. Artist Statement “The medical system is full of caring professionals trying to protect your identity and privacy under the curtain of HIPAA, but the fact remains that […]

Nathanael Read

It was a dark, stormy, mid-November Tuesday. A young boy, whose voice was only weeks away from the first crack, walked down a sidewalk made uneven from pushing tree roots. A rumble came from his right, it’s thunderous cacophony struck the boy’s bones like a hammer. His throat […]

William B. Reed

Bill Reed’s paintings are acrylic on canvas with knife (fork, spoon and/or found objects) that often reveal his love for nature, understanding of natural processes, and predominately non-linear thinking.

James Rees

James Rees is a Utah County artist know for using the figure as a vehicle for expression. The artist primarily uses monotype printing and transfer ink drawing processes in creating his images. He teaches at Provo High School. ARTIST STATEMENT “I’ve taught for more than twenty five years at […]

Jim Rennert

Jim Rennert creates figurative bronze sculpture exploring the competitive nature of business.

Cori Redstone

Cori Redstone is a Utah native and oil painter who lives in Salt Lake City.

Jenna Rhodes

Jenna Rhodes is pursuing a BFA in printmaking at Utah State University with a minor in art history. In addition to creating art, she enjoys singing and performing, often bringing a sense of the theatrical into her visual art.   Artist Statement “My current work in printmaking is […]

Andrew Rice

Bio Andrew is an artist that likes spacemen, bubbles and Canadian Hunter. He received his BFA from The University of Colorado, Boulder and his MFA from the University of Utah. Artist Statement Layers upon layers of entrapment. I want to convey this state, where we cannot access the […]

Amy Tolk Richards

Art has always been a part of life for Amy Tolk Richards. As a child in New Jersey, and later as a teenager in Nashville, Amy spent her free time drawing and painting. Extensive travel has enabled Amy to view and appreciate great master works of art throughout […]