Directory of Utah Artists arranged by media. Painting.

Sandy Parsons

Sandy Parsons is a contemporary oil painter with figurative, animal, still life and cityscape subject matter. 15 Bytes

Colleen Parker

Colleen Parker is a Bountiful artist who works in large and small formats, incorporating drawing, printmaking, collage and painting, either singly or in various combinations.

Valerie Orlemann

Valerie Orlemann is a landscape painter based in Escalante, Utah. She paints in oil on canvas, depicting the color and drama of the southern Utah landscape. 15 Bytes

Nanette Olson

Nanette Olson is a Utah artist who uses oil paints and a combination of oil/mixed media to create realistic figurative paintings, figurative abstractions and abstract paintings. She layers the paint to enhance the richness of the paint quality and surface textures. 15 Bytes

Joy Nunn

Joy Nunn works in watercolor, acrylics, pastels, and monotypes. She is a member of the Utah Watercolor Society, and helped to found the Art at the Main gallery. 15 Bytes

Melissa Munn

Melissa Munn creates portraits, landscapes and still lifes in pencil, pen and ink, acrylic and oil. She also teaches art in her Layton home studio.

James Munford

James Munford Utah State University student James Munford is a painter and print maker. 15 Bytes

Amy K. Miller

Amy K. Miller, an acrylic painter and idealist who strives for good detail, specializes in nature scenes, animals, and people.

Chris Miles

Chris Miles worked for many years as an illustrator before returning to Utah and devoting his attention to fine art. He works in both a loose plein air style as well as a more detailed approach. 15 Bytes

David Merrill

David Merrill, a graduate of Art Center School in Los Angeles and former art director for TIME magazine, now lives in Park City and paints full time. 15 Bytes

David Meikle

David Meikle is a landscape painter primarily interested in understanding form as it affected by light and atmosphere. He finds the landforms of the West ideal to explore relationships of pattern, color, and distance. He is particularly attracted open spaces and the often-overlooked beauty found in desolate rolling […]