Directory of Utah Artists arranged by media. Painting.

Chad Barksdale

Chad Barksdale is a contemporary realist who paints figurative, still life and landscape works in oil. 15 Bytes

Cassandra Barney

Cassandra Barney explores the complexities of human emotion, longing and loss, suffering and acceptance that accompany those rare moments that steal into each of our lives. 15 BYTES ARTICLES Exhibition Review: Salt Lake City Drawing Together Collaborations by Cassandra Barney and Brian Kershisnik at Kayo by Geoff Wichert […]

Nila Jane Autry

Nila Jane Autry Oils of Florals, Landscapes, Still life, and occasionally a portrait capture my interest, I especially enjoy painting en-plein-air. I teach Art and Photography at Grantsville High School.

Rett Ashby

Rett Ashby was wrought with talents such as painting and playing music, and is a master who continues to develop his artistic ability.

Jean Arnold

Jean Arnold lives in Salt Lake City where she creates mixed-media drawings and paintings of abstract surrealistic urban landscapes. 15 BYTES ARTICLES Jean Arnold Is Up To Something by Jon Erickson September 2002 edition Jean Arnold has been “up to something.”  Her transformation from competent observer to a […]

Trent Alvey dress

Trent Thursby Alvey

Trent Thursby Alvey creates installations combining sculpture and paintings. Her work is interactive and investigative bringing together art and science in a new dialog. 15 Bytes

Scott B. Allred

Scott B. Allred is a native of Spring City, Utah where he paints, specializing in large oil portraits and religious & spiritual art. 15 Bytes

Osral B. Allred

Osral B. Allred is a watercolor artist from Spring City. His favorite subjects include old people, buildings, and machinery as well as landscape.

Steven Lee Adams

Steven Lee Adams is a regionally well-known artist who captures quiet, introspective, semi-tonalist landscapes that urge the viewer to ponder more carefully the world without and within.

Susan Makov

a Salt Lake City artist working in painting, printmaking and handmade books. Her recent work reflects the world of science fiction and dreams where the environment has taken a tumble.

Alleman, Joseph

Joseph Alleman is a graduate of Utah State University and resident of Cache Valley. He is known principally as a watercolorist and uses the landscapes where he lives as an inspiration.

Kelly L. Holtman

Kelly Holtman is a contemporary artist whose work has been exhibited in many Utah and national galleries.  She paints with Acrylic, Oil and Watercolor.  Her subjects vary and include landscapes, abstracts, florals and imaginative creatures. Website [portfolio_slideshow] 15 Bytes