Directory of Utah Artists arranged by media. Painting.

Carol Bold

Carol Bold

Carol Bold is a non-traditional landscape painter based out of Southwest Utah. She works in acrylic, oil and watercolor, as well as printmaking. Links [portfolio_slideshow] 15 Bytes

Rod Heiss

Bio “Bend and Not Brake,” says Tao Te Ching. This motto motivates Rod Heiss to paint.  In his early years, due to undiagnosed eye problems, he was unable to learn the way most children do. School was difficult and defeating.  He was constantly being reminded of his differences […]

David Ruhlman

BIO David paints primarily in gouache on wood panel, often collaging newspaper or pages from old books to the surface of the board, and then covering with an acrylic wash. He experiments with form, color and texture, resulting in his own unique visual language that is not linear, […]

Amy Tolk Richards

BIO Art has always been a part of life for Amy Tolk Richards. As a child in New Jersey, and later as a teenager in Nashville, Amy spent her free time drawing and painting. Extensive travel has enabled Amy to view and appreciate great master works of art […]

Hilary Wilkinson Jacobsen

BIO Hilary Wilkinson was born in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1983. She grew up developing a passion for art and the outdoors. In 2007, Hilary received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, with an emphasis in painting and drawing, from the University of Utah. Upon graduation, she […]

William B. Reed

Bill Reed’s paintings are acrylic on canvas with knife (fork, spoon and/or found objects) that often reveal his love for nature, understanding of natural processes, and predominately non-linear thinking.

Lenka Konopasek

[portfolio_slideshow] Website 15 Bytes Articles Artist Profile: Salt Lake City The Ecclecticism of Lenka Konopasek by Laura Durham/ photos by Steve Coray When artists from other countries work in Utah (which, despite some protests to the contrary, is hardly a melting pot) they are often labeled as […]

Rebecca Wagstaff

Rebecca Wagstaff paints mainly still life. Subject matter and inspiration are derived mainly from the place she lives and the objects and creatures that capture her eye and affection. 15 Bytes

Sarina Villareal

Sarina Villareal “My paintings are an exploration of logic and memory transcribed. In my garden series I recreate studies of botanicals without visual reference. I allow the details of the subject’s physiology to dissolve away and muddle with my perception of its spirit. The result is a reconstructed […]

Terrel VanLeeuwen

Terrel Van Leeuwen is a graduate of USU, and is currently working in Sandy, Utah. He works in landscapes, conceptual, modern. 15 Bytes

L’Deane Trueblood

L’Deane Trueblood, a nationally recognized sculptor and painter, was recently named one of Utah’s top artist.