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Trent Alvey dress
Public Issues

Trent Alvey’s Dress

Someone has decided that the Trustees of Westminster College shouldn’t be looking up Trent Alvey’s dress. That seems like a self-evident, uncontroversial proposition. But the dress is actually a work of art Alvey created in 2007, and has been hanging in the Giovale Library as part of the […]

Mixed Media

Teresa Flowers

Local artist Teresa Flowers, who is showing in Phillips Gallery’s Dibble Gallery this month, made it into the local rags this week. In an interview with In Utah This Week she answered questions about starting the Womens Art Center, struggling with Lymes disease and her art-inspired apparel. Read […]


Doug Snow

We’ve just received word that Utah artist Doug Snow died today in a car accident while traveling to Salt Lake City. V. Douglas Snow was born in Salt Lake in 1927. He was a champion of abstract art and credited by many with bringing the Abstract Expressionist style […]