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Potter Press

An interview with Erin and Nick Potter of Potter Press recently appeared at Gavin’s Underground. “Nick: I spent most of my early years trying to figure out how to draw cool muscles and realistic blood splatter. After my hyper obsessive illustrations waned and I met Erin I started […]

Daily Bytes | Mixed Media

Teresa Flowers

Gavin Sheehan recently interviewed Teresa Flowers on his blog. "Its difficult to measure the impact of any single person within our art community. Whether it be their body of work, the causes they support, projects they undertake, or any number of labors whether it be visual or social. […]

Daily Bytes | Mixed Media

Anthony Siciliano & Zane Lancaster

Gavin Sheehan, whose blog, Gavin’s Undergound, has made its way over to City Weekly, went down to Art Access for this month’s Gallery Stroll to interview Anthony Siciliano and Zane Lancaster about their current shows there. Read the interviews at:  http://www.cityweekly.net/utah/blog-1294-july-gallery-stroll-anthony-siciliano-zane-lancast.html 15 Bytes

Daily Bytes | Mixed Media

The Pickle Factory

During the May Gallery Stroll Gavin, of Gavin’s Underground, stopped by the Pickle Factory and talked to Executive Director Kristina Robb about the space’s past, present and future. The exhibition space is currently showing works by University of Utah students. Read the article here. 15 Bytes