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Best Of | Visual Arts

Poor Yorick Studios: Lisa McAfee

“It has been very quiet in the halls here at Poor Yorick Studios,” says Salt Lake City artist Lisa McAfee.  Originally from the California coast, McAfee earned her BFA from California State, Long Beach, before coming to Utah. She works with painting, printmaking and mixed media to depict “expansive landscapes, objects, and animals integrated with personal symbolism.”

Best Of | Visual Arts

Poor Yorick Studios: Elise Zoller

“There is nothing more interesting to me than how light bounces across the surfaces of a front porch,” says Elise Zoller. “I love front porches. Reflected light might be the whole reason I do this,” she says of her practice of painting architectural landscapes en plein air. A graduate of Princeton (in architecture), Zoller has studied drawing and painting at the Academy of Realist Art in Boston and Masters Academy in Springville, Utah. In the warmer moths, Zoller works primarily in northern Utah and heads south, to St. George and points beyond, in the winter.

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