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"The Set" (detail) by Wren Ross.
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Omens, Butterflies and Lamb’s Wool: Three Women at Finch Lane Gallery

Sometime around 1970, feminist historians began to make all sorts of discoveries about the primacy of artistic and scientific discoveries during what has been called the Enlightenment. Among these was the realization that, just as artists often perform the difficult early stages of gentrification of urban areas, only […]

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Jennifer Rasmusson Takes Flight with New Abstracts at A Gallery

There is a neat taking-off trick here: two of Jennifer Rasmusson’s back-in-time representational paintings are here, separated from her New Abstracts now filling A Gallery’s white-on-white indoor sky-lit courtyard area. The pre-abstract “Collection of Blues” is eye-level; it’s very large; one bloom is the size of your head. […]

Ancestral Reliquary III- Andrew and Anna Ruohonen
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Digging in the Past: Artists Look for Individual Meaning and Collective Connection in Springville’s Roots and Branches

The past is becoming an increasingly hot topic in the present as scientific and technological advancements have made DNA analysis relatively simple and cheap, and the amassing of historical documents, journals and photos, easily accessible online. These developments have spurred interest in the individual aspect of the past, […]

Still from Chase Westfall's video Control, showing drummer Julian Dorio.
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Playing After Paris: Violence, Resilience, and Reconciliation in the Work of Chase Westfall

Secluded in a small, pitch-black viewing room in the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, a troubled musician suddenly breaks into a virtuosic drum solo. Both terrifying and impressive, the performance unleashes a combination of sounds that is just shy of chaos. After a few minutes of what seems […]