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Choreographing Canvas: Rebecca Pyle’s Expressionist Symphonies

Is Expressionism dead in the age of conceptual new media? Salt Lake City artist Rebecca Pyle suggests it is not. In her current exhibition in The Gallery at Library Square, Pyle presents her incredibly emotive painting through powerful brushstrokes and luminous colors. Her paintings function like topographical memory […]

Current Edition | Exhibition Reviews | Visual Arts

Getting Creative with Hate: Speaking Volumes Transforms Negativity at Springville Museum of Art

Racism and discrimination have played far too important a role in the formation of American society. The treatment of minorities in this country has been a history of violence and oppression, filled with stories many would wish to forget, but cannot. Though many great strides have been made […]

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Moments Unseen: Adam Watkins at BDAC’s Underground Gallery

Adam Watkins’ photography is strangely hypnotic. Using ornate settings, theater-like props, and bright colors, his images are given a life of their own, creating scenes he describes as “paradoxes of hyper-reality and the empathic tissue of the photographic narrative.” Watkins even admits to sometimes becoming entranced by his […]