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Utah Exhibition Reviews published in 15 Bytes, Utah’s art magazine, including reviews of local Utah artists, regional artists, group exhibitions and traveling exhibits of national and international artists.

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A Refreshing Inversion: Lane Twitchell returns to Utah with “eye-popping aides for critical reflection”

Utah in winter presents not an altogether pristine landscape if you ask a local meteorologist. As those who live here can attest, the Wasatch Front is no stranger to temperature inversions that trap colder, smoggy air beneath a warmer air layer. The resulting haze is not only unpleasant; […]

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A Second Coming Neglected during her lifetime, Minerva Teichert’s illustrations for the Book of Mormon find a warm embrace from a new generation

Over the past decade, Minerva Teichert’s work has surged in popularity, receiving from the Mormon community the sort of enthusiastic embrace the artist dreamed about for much of her life — 40 years after her death, reproductions of her work can be found in meetinghouses belonging to The […]

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Figuratively Speaking: Russell Wrankle brings together an impressive roster of ceramic artists in Meyer Gallery’s Epics, Myths & Fables

Now on display in Park City, Epics, Myths and Fables transforms Meyer Gallery’s mezzanine into a vision of three-dimensional folklore fantasy. Forty ceramic sculptures emit the curious intellect and imagination of their creators, who range from mid-career to established artists from all over the country. Not only does the exhibition […]

Exhibition Reviews | Visual Arts

An Artist’s City: T.K. Stephens’ Greater Salt Lake at Sprague Library

[slideShowProSC width=”600″ height=”600″ album=”744″] Wending your way through the basement corridors of Sprague Branch Library in Sugar House, you’ll eventually come across a group of 20 artworks by Terence K. Stephens. (I’ve never had to actually hunt through a building for an exhibit before, but thought this one […]