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Utah Artist Profiles published in 15 Bytes, featuring magazine length profiles of Utah artists.

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Brian Snapp

There are numerous things to consider in ceramic artist Brian Snapp’s work, but one is fundamental: Clay is the medium that’s the message, and centuries of archaeological discovery support this. “There’s 30,000 plus years of the history of ceramics now,” Snapp says. “They used to talk about 10,000 […]

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’Like nothing you’ve ever seen before.’ Larry Revoir’s vocabulary of annihilation comes to Finch Lane

[slideShowProSC width=”600″ height=”500″ album=”602″] Today’s artists come of age in a thicket of appropriation, whether it’s the quotation of a famous artwork, like Marcel Duchamp’s drawing a mustache on a postcard of Mona Lisa, or pop music made from sampled, previous hit songs. So it came as no […]

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Capturing the Cosmos: Kayenta’s glassmaking wizard John Kolb

[slideShowProSC width=”600″ height=”700″ album=”552″] John Kolb, owner of the Kayenta-based Wizard Stones, blends his fondness for the Murano craftsmen of Italy with a fascination of the night sky to create unique glassworks that are truly out of this world. Employing dichroic glass, quartz crystal for sparkle, and a […]