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Utah Artist Profiles published in 15 Bytes, featuring magazine length profiles of Utah artists.

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Paul Reynolds

“Each painting is a journal, beginning as a blank surface within which to create a dialogue. Reynolds absorbs cues (be they visual, or not) from a variety of sources: images from the road, from walls; graffiti; random patterns. Pattern, shape, imagery, and content are processed and incorporated into […]

15 Bytes | Artist Profiles

Francesc Burgos

“A conversation with Francesc Burgos ranges from ancient ceramic firing methods to the way Mozart visualized a musical composition “almost as a three-dimensional form” before he ever wrote it down, a method not unlike this ceramist and sculptor’s manner of creating his own work. . .” Read Ann […]

Randall Lake stands in front of his SLC studio, photo by Shawn Rossiter
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Randall Lake

How does an Orange County boy, a homosexual with a growing reputation as a painter in Paris, become one of Utah’s most known and venerated painters? By obeying the rules. These days, that is exactly what Randall Lake is not doing. Lake grew up in affluent circumstances. In the ’60s […]