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Utah Artist Profiles published in 15 Bytes, featuring magazine length profiles of Utah artists.

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Sam Wilson

“Sam Wilson has taught at the University of Utah for over thirty years, so his iconic paintings, densely packed with pop and art-historical figures are familiar to most in Utah’s art community. In this, our first installment of a video interview as artist profile, Carol Fulton sat down […]

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Erica Houston

An Addiction to Colored Pencils A video interview with Erica Houston Portrait painting is a notoriously difficult task, and not just because the ability to achieve a reasonable likeness with line and color is a craft that requires hours of dedication. Dealing with the emtoins and self-image of […]

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Carole Alden

“For longer term art projects, inmates have to secure a “property contract” that allows them to keep the necessary supplies in their boxes, but even that doesn’t protect them when the SWAT teams come through and clear out everyone’s cells after an inmate has transgressed. Carole says, ‘The […]

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Al Denyer

“At first glance her work may look like simple black squares. Denyer explains this is intentional and she hopes the viewer will catch sight of a shadow, a reflection or another detail that will compel them to look closer. It’s an invitation to continue the conversation at a […]

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Van Chu

“In person Van Chu is gracious, poised, and carries himself in a way that is endearingly awkward but self assured. When the subject turns to his art, Chu’s demeanor changes to that of an enthusiastic child who can’t wait to share his secrets. He makes sweeping gestures with […]