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A Museum of One’s Own: Jimmie Jones’ vision becomes a reality in the Southern Utah Museum of Art

[slideShowProSC width=”600″ height=”600″ album=”710″] It’s not every artist who can get their own museum. Certainly, no Utah artist has.* But to hear talk at the ribbon cutting of the new Southern Utah Museum of Art (SUMA), it seems Jimmie Jones has come close. Jones was the impetus behind […]

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Let’s Go Back to Rockville: Exhibition Aims to Save Historic Bridge

[slideShowProSC width=”600″ height=”500″ album=”684″] It isn’t often that a humanmade structure in the shadow of Zion Canyon captures the interest of the art community surrounding Zion National Park, but this month the historic Rockville Bridge has done just that, in the aptly named “Rockville Bridge Exhibition and Sale” […]

Marmalade Branch Library
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Built to Endure: The Marmalade Branch of the City Library opens for business . . . and pleasure

Like a well-constructed sentence, the parts of the Marmalade Branch are coordinated and subordinated. Pride of place—the subject of the sentence, if you like—goes to the striped silver-gray plane that forms the highest part of the roof, then bends down sharply at front and back to enclose the dominant volume like a bracket. Like any main clause, it names its subject.

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The Death of Drawing

Forget the “marketplace of ideas.” I say: put small gloves on ideas, stick ‘em in a cage with an opponent of comparable capabilities and gravitas, and let them “go toes.” Eye to eye. Mano a mano. Mixed Mental Arts Fight Club (MMA FC).

Here’s what I’m talking about: David Ross Scheer’s The Death of Drawing, where the idea-rassle between Drawings and Simulations finds enthusiastic sponsors in philosophical categories like ethics, epistemology and ontology.