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Ernesto Maranje’s Mural in South Salt Lake Blends Wildlife with Urban Spaces

Ernesto Maranje, a mural artist celebrated for his unique ability to blend natural and mechanical elements, has created another captivating piece on the side of an apartment building in South Salt Lake. This mural features a large, detailed portrayal of a moose, intertwined with elements that showcase Maranje’s […]

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Reimagining Narratives: Afrofuturism Through Chelle Barbour’s Lens

If Afrofuturism’s purpose is to imagine new futures and rewrite past narratives, Chelle Barbour’s collage portraits embrace a surrealist approach to keep those narratives open, vibrant and strange. An exhibition at Ephraim’s Granary Arts, featuring scores of works by the LA-based artist, creates an artistic dialogue that does […]

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Roots and Remedies: The Cultural Tapestry of Luis Álvaro Sahagún Nuño

The casual visitor to Ogden Contemporary Art Center’s current exhibit—the passerby or art aficionado who stops in on any given weekday—will miss an important aspect of Luis Álvaro Sahagún Nuño’s work. It’s the lived experience, the performative aspect—the various healing ceremonies that undergrid the artist’s practice and were […]

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Rebecca Klundt Unpacks Piles of Potential at David Ericson

“Apologia” is a technical term that, while related to “apology,” actually means “explanation.” The connection is historical, since an explanation functions like an apology, in clarifying why something is different from what’s expected. On her website, Rebecca Klundt offers an elaborate “apologia” for her work, which she puckishly […]