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Lelsie Peterson

Leslie Peterson has been involved in Utah’s cultural community for many years. A graduate of the University of Utah, she worked for Utah Opera in several capacities, most recently as Managing Director; she was also part of the successful Zoo, Arts & Parks Renewal Campaign. In addition to […]

Visual Arts

A First Glance at ‘Second Life’?

Since the first ARTISTIC TEMPERAMENTS (March 2008) focused on the very “material” question of Damien Hirst’s platinum-and-diamond skull entitled “For the Love of God,” I figured something completely “immaterial” and “virtual” made sense for the second installment of this feature. I find fascinating the mutability of the fine […]

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Around the Block with Gordon Cope 

In Olpin/Seifrit/Swanson’s Utah Art, nestled between LeConte Stewart’s 1937 masterpiece, “Private Car,” and Lee Greene Richards’ well-known, “Dreaming of Zion,” is a painting entitled “Utah Hills, East of Springville.” This gem of a landscape was created by one of Utah’s most revered landscape and portrait artists, Gordon Nicholson Cope […]