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Visual Arts

Utah Art

Discussing the SLC Film Center’s screening of Art & Copy this month (see below) our editorial staff got talking about advertising and Utah’s art world. How could we go about telling the world — and our fellow Utahns –about about our visual arts community? What’s the right tone,? What will […]

Visual Arts

February PasteUps

Wallace Stegnar, by Trent Call The recent and mysterious death of two zebras at Hogle Zoo has brought attention to the compact but well-loved facility hugging the entrance to Emigration Canyon. The Zoo would prefer to get attention for its new additions — like baby elephant, Zuri — […]

Gallery Spotlights | Visual Arts

15th Street Gallery

by Sheryl Gillilan | photos by Gerry Johnson [slideShowProSC width=”600″ height=”500″ album=”594″] Step through the doors of the recently opened 15th Street Gallery, in Salt Lake’s Sugarhouse neighborhood, and you’ll immediately feel transported to New York or the chic shops of Las Vegas. Sleek, minimalist décor is present […]

Process Points | Visual Arts

Mural Art

Ever wonder how artists work on giant “canvases,” like the sides of buildings, whole rooms, or gymnasiums? Start to finish, it’s a process that not only involves art, but also fundraising, negotiations, diplomacy, and problem solving. This I learned from Kim Martinez, who teaches a course in mural […]