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Performing Arts

Coming Up: The Performing Arts?

Charlotte Boye-Christensen takes notes during rehearsal. In anticipation of next week’s opening of Cipher, I sat down with Ririe-Woodbury’s Charlotte Boye-Christensen today to discuss “Touching Fire,” the new collaborative piece that will be given its world premiere in this showcase of five of the choreographer’s work. We’ll be […]

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Go To Hell

Go To Hell: New Theatre from . . . a New Theatreby Davey Davis Go To Hell. A flippant condemnation, and a preview of things to come. There’s lots of skin-deep but fiery anger behind the first production from The New Works Theater Machine, and a whole lot […]

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“This kind of dialogue ultimately becomes the hallmark of a successful relationship; each person maintains an individual voice at the same time that a meaningful conversation is taking place.” Dale Thompson reviews Honeymoon, featuring paintings by Kristin Calabrese and Joshua Aster  at the Salt Lake Art Center in the December […]

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“All of the foreheads, and in some cases even the chins, fall off the edge of the paper creating a too-tight cropping that is reminiscent of amateur photography. The portraits, small as they are, give the impression of expanding beyond the edges of the paper. The viewer is […]