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Brevitas: Nowell Sing We

Review by David Layton.

The 2016 holiday season brings us a new release by Brevitas, a vocal ensemble directed by Matthew D. Nielsen. Nowell Sing We is their second album, and their first dedicated to Christmas repertoire. Nielsen has curated an excellent program, combining familiar favorites with the new and unexpected, focusing on repertoire of the last 30 years.


The Anticipation of Seeing Something New: A Review of John Costa’s Refuge

Like all good ekphrastic pieces of art, Costa’s Refuge has layers. Not only does it exist in the past, with the experiences of the original author of the text, but it also exists in the present with the listeners hearing the notes from the soprano, string quartet, and piano, and it will exist in the future as both a piece to listen to, as well as a small series of poems to read. If that’s not a lovely pot full of kinetic ekphrastic soup, I don’t know what is.


Gavin’s Gamelan

Percussionists have all the fun. On the symphony stage, while all the other instrumentalists are usually seated in their assigned chair, the percussionist moves around a playground of drums, symbols, marimbas, chimes, and triangles. Some of those instruments you may not even recognize. For example, the gender wayang. […]