Smith River: A Short Story by Nathaniel Kennon Perkins

READ LOCAL First boasts Utah’s most comprehensive collection of poets and authors. Today, we feature Utah native Nathaniel Kennon Perkins. He now lives in Boulder, Colorado, and runs Trident Press. Perkins is the author of the novel Wallop (House of Vlad, 2020), the short story collection The Way Cities Feel […]

Five Poems by Cindy King

READ LOCAL First boasts Utah’s most comprehensive collection of poets and authors. For this inaugural month of 2021, we present five poems by Cindy King. Her work has appeared in The Sun, Callaloo, Prairie Schooner, Crab Orchard Review, River Styx, Cincinnati Review, Gettysburg Review, North American Review, and elsewhere. Recently, King’s poetry was  featured on […]

Iris Moulton: Utah Original Writing Creative Nonfiction Winner

READ LOCAL First: This is Utah’s most comprehensive collection of poets and authors. For the month of December, 2020, we present creative nonfiction by Utah Original Writing Competition winner Iris Moulton. The excerpt here is from Moulton’s creative nonfiction book-length manuscript, Non. Tessa Fontaine judged her winning entry. Moulton lives […]

Voices from the River

This month we bring you selections by five local authors. Voices from the River includes pieces by Karen M. Bayard, Sean Patrick McPeak, Suzy Eskenazi, Emilia Wint, and Gail Weinflash.

Several Poems by Bob Rees

Bob Rees is Director of Mormon Studies and Visiting Professor at Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley. He was a Fulbright Professor of American Studies in the Baltics. His writing has appeared in local, national, and international publications.

Abdal Aşık: Three Poems in English & Turkish

Love and beauty are prominent themes in Aşık’s work, which he describes as “ordered by the soul.” This installment of READ Local First includes three poems in Turkish with the poet’s English translations.

Beatrice and Nan: Excerpts from An Unremarkable Girl

An Unremarkable Girl is a mother/daughter memoir by Nan Seymour and Beatrice Washburn. The book tells the story of Beatrice, a transgender girl from Utah, who survives the perils of a misgendered adolescence… to become herself.

Four poems by poet Meg Day

Welcome to this month’s edition of READ LOCAL First: Utah’s most comprehensive collection of accomplished poets and authors.  This month we introduce you to deaf, genderqueer poet Meg Day. Day is the author of Last Psalm at Sea Level (Barrow Street, 2014), winner of the Publishing Triangle’s Audre Lorde Award, and a finalist […]

Shakespeare Wrote in the Time of Plague

During the time of Shakespeare, church leaders likened cats to witches. Rebecca Pyle: “With less cats came more rats, more fleas, more people infected too: black plague.”

Julie Turley: Rock Moves

Utah native Julie Turley is quarantining in Brooklyn, New York. She’s a writer and librarian. The 15 Bytes editorial staff extends its well wishes to Julie, as well all artists, writers, and residents in Manhattan—the epicenter of our country’s coronavirus outbreak. The photograph pictured here was taken in Utah prior to the pandemic.

Shauna Brock: Eskhára

Recently, Shauna Brock read her short story, Eskhára, to a crowd at Finch Lane Gallery. The event was part of our READ LOCAL Onsite series. Now, READ LOCAL First brings you the story in print.