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An Effect That Exceeds Its Causes: Brian Komei Dempster’s Topaz, winner of the 2014 15 Bytes Book Award in poetry

I was just over half way through reading Brian Komei Dempster’s debut collection of poetry, Topaz, when I recalled a recently read philosophical contention by the Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek in which he posits that an event (in this case the internment of over a hundred thousand Japanese-Americans […]

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READ LOCAL First: David Hawkins

READ LOCAL First is your glimpse into the working minds and hearts of Utah’s literary writers. Today, 15 Bytes features David Hawkins who provides three selections from his award-winning manuscript  the book of the missing. “dark adaptations” is one of two long poems in the collection and the featured sections below were originally published in the Seattle Review. The other long […]