Utah film articles published in 15 Bytes, Utah’s art magazine.

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The Business Side of Films

 . . . If I wanted to accept all financial responsibility—and personal liability—I could simply act on my own in the creation of the film and take all of the risk, clearly establishing the roles of other participants and indemnifying them of any financial responsibility explicitly in their […]

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When Less Is More

A major element to getting work in the Utah film industry is word-of-mouth references. Case in point: in 2013 I worked on a feature film as Second AC (Assistant Camera) and a Production Assistant with a young camera operator and must have made an impression on him because […]

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CUAC Film Screenings

In conjunction with their current exhibition Cinematic, the CUAC in Salt Lake City is presenting three free film series featuring work by local filmmakers. With an abundance of visual imagery, ranging from black and white animation to lushly colored poetic references, these short films by Also Sisters, Jan […]

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Searching for Reconciliation

When Trevor Southey’s exhibition Reconciliation opened at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts (UMFA) in October 2010, Nathan Florence was in the audience for a panel discussion. As he watched Trevor Southey, Gary E. Smith, Dennis Smith, and Neil Hadlock discuss the intermingling of their artwork and religious faith, […]