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Municipal Ballet at the State Room

by Mary Lyn Graves   Before the final performance of Municipal Ballet Co.’s “Oh Yeah! A Rock ‘n’ Roll Ballet,” Sarah Longoria, the company’s director, ended her curtain speech by sincerely thanking the uncommonly boisterous and large audience for taking a chance on ballet.  The challenge of getting […]

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Wachira Waigwa-Stone

[slideShowProSC width=”600″ height=”600″ album=”415″] Music and dance have a long history of coexistence; students of dance history learn quickly of the relationship between Martha Graham and Louis Horst, identifying the way in which music is often the lens through which audiences find entry points for movement. And, while […]

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The Mitch Show at RDT

by Emma Wilson Amongst the many dance events this weekend, The Mitch Show was an anomaly involving prescribed dance performance pieces enacted by unsuspecting audience members as well as screenings of some of Mitchell Rose’s short films. This is not the first time that Repertory Dance Theater has […]

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Creative Couplings: RDT’s Portal

by Samuel Hanson [slideShowProSC width=”610″ height=”425″ album=”335″] Duets abound in Repertory Dance Theatre’s fall season, Portal, in which four choreographers’ voices configure and reconfigure a company in transition (RDT has four new dancers: Jaclyn Brown, Lauren Curley, Dan Higgins and Lacie Scott). The evening is quite a curatorial […]


Ririe Woodbury’s Fall Season

by Samuel Hanson Featuring the work of three male choreographers, Ririe-Woodbury’s season opener had no particular through-line, except perhaps in its attempt to stake a claim for the group on being “contemporary.” The strongest work in the evening, artistic director Daniel Charon’s, was arguably the least au courant, […]