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Painting Up the Parks: Erin Hanson’s national park landcapes at the St. George Art Museum

[slideShowProSC width=”600″ height=”500″ album=”620″] About 10 years ago while at a personal crossroads, Los Angeles-based artist Erin Hanson began rock climbing in Nevada’s famous Red Rock Canyon. It was while she developed her adventurous new hobby that she rededicated herself to her work as a professional artist, inspired […]

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Space for Place: Middle | Nowhere at Springville Museum of Art

[slideShowProSC width=”600″ height=”500″ album=”626″] The six prominent Utah artists now on exhibit in the Springville Museum of Art’s (SMOFA) Here, There, and Everywhere have each developed a personal style that is immediately recognizable as well as adept at evoking a sense of place. The exhibit is an examination […]

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Utah Art for the Silicon Slopes: Adobe’s new project creates a rotating exhibition of Utah artists

[slideShowProSC width=”600″ height=”700″ album=”618″] “We’re used to trying new things out and learning what works,” says Jeremy Macdonald, Regional Site Operations Manager at Adobe in Lehi. So when the company’s “Utah Artists & Adobe” initiative was launched this year, Macdonald knew they would be learning from the experience […]

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“I want to be happy in this picture” – Art Access Welcomes Turn City for the Arts

[slideShowProSC width=”600″ height=”600″ album=”619″] Utah is home to a wide variety of art venues, from those that deal in highly polished decor to others showing art so conceptual the gallery may look empty at first. Museums play a role here, varied by location—one downtown, another in the shopping […]

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Wrestling with the Self: Andrew Moncrief at UMOCA

[slideShowProSC width=”600″ height=”500″ album=”616″] When ancient Greek city-states vied against each other, not in ruthless combat but in the more civilized arena we now call the Olympics, they were transforming the frequently violent but seemingly ever-present desire for conflict into a ritualized and artistic form of competition. Foremost […]

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Something for Everyone: Tess Cook, Grant Fuhst and Larry Revoir Fill the House at Finch Lane

It may seem like there are as many possible artistic goals, and strategies for achieving them, as there are artists, but it’s not really true. Just as the number of genres remains finite—landscape, portrait, figure, still life, and so on—and the variety of qualities, like abstraction, representation, or […]

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Arrowhead Gallery ETC Shakes Up Downtown St. George’s Art Scene

[slideShowProSC width=”600″ height=”600″ album=”615″] Brought forth through months of hard work by the Southern Utah Art Guild, the Arrowhead Gallery ETC is a vibrant new addition to the pedestrian-friendly array of galleries in St. George’s flourishing arts district. “It’s going to be a fun venture for the artists […]

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’Like nothing you’ve ever seen before.’ Larry Revoir’s vocabulary of annihilation comes to Finch Lane

[slideShowProSC width=”600″ height=”500″ album=”602″] Today’s artists come of age in a thicket of appropriation, whether it’s the quotation of a famous artwork, like Marcel Duchamp’s drawing a mustache on a postcard of Mona Lisa, or pop music made from sampled, previous hit songs. So it came as no […]