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Crafting Change Through a Lens: Unfolding Truth Features 13 Documentary Photographers from Around the World

The rare power of documentary photography is its ability to capture a moment and give the viewer access to a raw scene that evokes a disconcerting sense of intimacy with an unfamiliar, sometimes uncomfortable subject. It’s the visual equivalent of reading a journal filled with personal stories, including […]

15 Bytes | Exhibition Reviews | Visual Arts

We are the People: Experiments in Contemporary Indigenism at WSU’s Shaw Gallery

[slideShowProSC width=”600″ height=”500″ album=”639″] Overshadowed and undervalued by the history of Caucasian colonizers, the diverse tapestry of America’s indigenous peoples is frequently molded together to form a digestible monolithic narrative. An increasingly urgent call to arms regarding minority representation in art accompanied the civil rights movements of the […]

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Climbing with Tigers: Red Fred Project, Salt Lake Acting Company and Flying Bobcat Theatrical Laboratory bring a child’s vision to life

Picture a young child coloring: they smile in delight at picking out just the right crayon or enthusiastically grab a random one from the floor; they fill the page with broad strokes of vibrant color without any regard for the lines (assuming there are any); and an infectious […]

15 Bytes | Exhibition Reviews | Visual Arts

Call of the Local: Ten Sanpete Printmakers at Spring City Arts

[slideShowProSC width=”600″ height=”500″ album=”629″] Before artists had ample opportunity for travel, their styles were usually associated with specific regions, towns or royal courts. As a new exhibit of printmakers in Spring City suggests, Sanpete County continues, in a way, this sort of regional identity, with many of these […]