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Remapping the Natural World: Elise LaJeunesse, Nancy Steele-Makasci and Matt Kruback at Finch Lane Gallery

One of the key questions art plays with at the present moment can be implied to the five-word phrase it is and it isn’t. Most traditional works of art unambiguously intend viewers to see just what they pretend to be: a visage, a human figure, a moment from life. Kandace Steadman pulled three artists from Finch Lane’s slush pile, the stack of proposals every gallery (like every publisher, whence the term is borrowed) draws from, and juxtaposed them to call attention to three relatively new forms of this ambiguity.

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Teresa Jordan’s The Year of Living Virtuously (Weekends Off): A Meditation on the Search for Meaning in an Ordinary Life

by Lisa Bickmore When, at the beginning of the New Year, the great separation occurs—I’m talking about the separation between the resolution makers and the resolution deniers—you’ll have to count me among the makers. I like the idea of a reassessment, a chance to reflect and set a […]

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Artsy Fartsy Friday?

We’d suggest a new we-just-made-this-up-but-repeat-it-enough-times-and-maybe-it-will-stick post-Thanksgiving shopping day. Along the lines of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. Call it “Artsy Fartsy Friday,” the day you go looking for handmade crafts and art to gift to those on your list with discerning tastes. Problem is, not […]