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Artsy Fartsy Friday?

We’d suggest a new we-just-made-this-up-but-repeat-it-enough-times-and-maybe-it-will-stick post-Thanksgiving shopping day. Along the lines of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. Call it “Artsy Fartsy Friday,” the day you go looking for handmade crafts and art to gift to those on your list with discerning tastes. Problem is, not […]

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The Business Side of Films

One thing I’ve noticed a lot of hopeful filmmakers doing is rushing into a project so quickly that they neglect to meet some very basic requirements that would enable them to sell their finished film. It’s easy to get caught up in the passion and excitement of creating […]

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NOW ID’S Collaborative Feast

by Amy Freitas FEAST, NOW ID’s second production since its founding in 2013, began with a casual pre-show. Cellist Jesper Egelund, from Denmark, improvised upon the backdrop of the setting sun as it kissed the Great Salt Lake and all of the wandering guests at Great Saltair. As Egelund […]