Archived Editions

Links to past editions of 15 Bytes, Utah’s Art Magazine, including articles on Utah artists, exhibitions, galleries and more.

15 Bytes | Archived Editions

January 2011 edition

The January 2011 edition of 15 Bytes features: Artist Profile of Jan Andrews Is Dance Dead? Charlotte Boye-Christensen Culture vs. Entertainment Flynn Artipelago Deepening the LDS Canon Winter Painting Poets Sophie Wettnall Don Olsen Jacqui Larsen 15 BytesUTAH’S ART MAGAZINE SINCE 2001, 15 Bytes is published by Artists of […]

Archived Editions

May 2005 Edition

The May 2005 edition of 15 Bytes features: Artist Profile of Annie Kennedy Adam Worden at the SL Art Center Mark England’s Studio Space Michael Berry Gallery Karen Horne on the spot Central Utah Art Center Elizabeth Neel Grounds for Art Printmaker’s Perspective Ella Peacock Biography Everett Ruess […]

Archived Editions

February 2005 edition

The February 2005 edition of 15 Bytes features: Artist Profile: Downy Doxey Shawn Rossiter’s Gilgamesh Frank McEntire: Ritual in the Making Blah, blah blog Brandon Cook Shanna Kunz Holly Mae Pendergast Dennis Meacham Trent Thursby Alvey Scott Stone John Kaly Art & Politics Fletcher Booth on the spot […]