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Bodies of Nature: Ryoichi Suzuki’s Suggestive Stone Sculpture at A Gallery

[slideShowProSC width=”600″ height=”600″ album=”741″] In his new exhibit, Ryoichi Suzuki’s carved, flowing forms of wood and stone punctuate two rooms in Salt Lake City’s A Gallery. In each sculpture on display, Suzuki uses different types of stone or wood to produce elongated and graceful organic forms. A native […]

15 Bytes | Exhibition Reviews

Lines Straight and Curved: DemoGraphics at Rio Gallery Weaves Together Visual Vocabularies

[slideShowProSC width=”600″ height=”700″ album=”733″] DemoGraphics, the Rio Gallery’s recent group exhibition, was a showcase of seven regional artists brought together through themes of visual language and communication. According to the gallery: “The exhibition explores communication with a personal, visual language, asking the viewer to let the artwork be […]

15 Bytes | Exhibition Reviews | Visual Arts

Side by Side: Sue Martin and Nancy Vorm’s Iterations at the Alice Gallery

From conception to execution, Iterations (opening Sept. 16 at Alice Gallery) promises to be a fascinating show. Working side-by-side in the same space on Thursday afternoons since May, Nancy Vorm and Sue Martin were hoping to see if their individual processes might influence each other. They created “iterations” […]