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Carol Bold

Carol Bold is a painter and printmaker based out of St George, UT. She grew up in the SF Bay Area, and received her BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2007. In 2010, after spending time of both the east and west coasts, Carol decided to leave city life behind and relocate to Southern Utah. Having deep family roots and ties to the region, she had traveled extensively to the southwest her whole life. Through these trips she had developed a great love and fondness for the region, and the picturesque landscape. While moving from the coast to the desert would be a big transition, it was one that would end up greatly influencing her art and help propelling her work to the next level. When not in her studio, Carol spends her time hiking, exploring, spending time with her family and drawing inspiration from the vast and beautiful landscape that surrounds her.

Artist Statement
Roaming through this desert landscape, I am just another aspiring soul taking in the wondrous sights. Through its myriad of colors, shapes and shadows I travel. The desert energizes me with a vigor to convey my impressions back onto canvas and prints. Through my work I seek to promote, preserve and protect the vision before me and to captivate others to grasp the collective wonder and mystery of this land.








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