TITLE: Red Rock Refractions by Carol Berrey
LOCATION: Terra Nova Gallery, 41 West 300 North, Provo, UT
DATES: 5–26 April 2013
RECEPTION: Opening Reception & Downtown Provo Gallery Stroll, Friday April 5th, 6-9PM
TIMES: M-F 3:30-6PM other times by appointment
Refraction is the bending of light as it passes from one substance to another, such as the distortion that occurs when an object is viewed through a glass of water. The proposed paintings are images of the natural world refracted through my life experiences.
Red Rock Refractions is a series of stylized landscapes inspired by rock formations in Utah’s national parks. They are mixed media, including acrylics, metallic enamels and ink pen, on handmade wooden panels. Sizes range from 5″ x 7″ to 48″ x 36″.
These landscapes are “portraits” of distinctive Utah rock formations such as Chimney Rock or Nefertiti’s Head. The daytime paintings use saturated warm colors– an array of reds, ochers, and earth and metallic enamels– against intense, monochromatic blue skies. Occasionally clouds, the moon, or the sun interrupts the vastness. The black lines and warm colors create a stained-glass effect. The same rock formations seen by moonlight are in blues, greens and purples, against dark silver skies.
By combining intense hues with a limited palate, the paintings inundate the viewer with color and emotions. My hope is that this sensation will in turn refract through each viewer’s individual life experiences to produce visual and visceral understandings that are resonant and personal.
Red Rock Refractions by Carol Berrey at Terra Nova Gallery from April 5th to the 26th, 2013.