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Caitlin Connolly

It could be said we live in the age of TMI. Too much of it is being offered, in the form of blogs, Twitter accounts and Facebook pages; and too much of it is being taken and gathered, as attested by the big building at the south end of the Salt Lake valley. But while we might agree that the daily adventures of our neighbor’s two-year old should not be required reading, nor that our reading habits be marketable commodities, the age of blogs and social networks does have its advantages: whereas in the 20th-century information about your favorite artist, writer or musician might only come out as hard to find scraps in magazines, radio interviews, or coffee-shop gossip, and only collected together in one place years later as a book, now you can delve into the life and work of your favorite artist, even watching works in progress come together, on their social platform of choice.

If you’ve followed the 15 Grams feature on our Facebook page (yes, we are children of the age), you may have come across our feature on Utah artist Caitlin Connolly, who Instagrams asladyhue. If you followed the link, you may have found out she recently moved (artists will be envious of the new studio), her husband (Fictionist guitarist Robbie Connolly) had hair just as curly, though not as long, when they were dating in high school, and dog Albus is a fan of Milkbones. But (more importantly?) you also would have gotten a peek at her painting technique, the sketchbook drawings that are at the base of her creative process, and some of the new paintings that will be featured this month at an exhibit at Art Access Gallery in Salt Lake City.

2013 was a busy year for Connolly. In addition to getting representation at Park City’s Meyer Gallery, exhibiting her work at the Utah Statewide Annual, the Springville Museum of Art, and the Beehive Bazaar, she was also one of the artists featured in our 2013 35×35 exhibition at Finch Lane Gallery. In this video interview, recorded at the time of the 35×35 exhibition and featuring work from that show as well as work from the upcoming exhibit at Art Access, she discusses how she got into the world of making art, and what keeps her in it.


Caitlin Connolly will be featured in a solo exhibition at Art Access Gallery that opens Friday, March 21 and continues through April 11. You can see more of her work at her site

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