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Brian Jorgensen

Brian Jorgensen is a Salt Lake City artist who works in ceramics, photography and painting.

Making art isn’t something I came to early in life. Here’s just a bit about me as an artist and my background and journey to this point.

I was born in California and grew up mainly in Utah. I have also lived in Pennsylvania, Germany, Switzerland, Maryland, Nevada, Arizona, and California. Now I am back in Utah. It’s a great place to live.

I started taking art classes seriously about 20 years ago, as someone well into his adult years. A couple of years ago, I reflected on the fact that I was taking a fair number of art classes. I concluded that I might as well get an art degree to add to my various other college degrees. While I have to endure being the “old guy” student in the class, it’s fun learning from peers and professors of all ages. And, frankly, I always liked school, and the studio art classes are particularly fun.


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