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Bonnie Scott: Thinking Inside and Outside The Box


 “This job is not for anyone who is short on patience or ability to focus,” says Bonnie Scott. “I’m working harder now than I did before I retired!” Since December of 2012, Scott, a retired accountant, has been designing and creating boxes of varying shapes and styles using book-binding materials, Japanese art papers, and marbled papers she has created herself.  “I wanted to make use of the materials I already had from various classes I had taken in the past,” she says.

Read our process point article on box-maker Bonnie Scott in the October 2013 edition of 15 Bytes.

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  1. Excellent article besides the fact that Bonnie is my sister, and a talented one at that! I am very proud of her and can’t wait to have one
    of her boxes as my own.

  2. What a nice tribute to Bonnie! I have purchased four of her boxes for gifts, well I did keep one. I love her work. She is so talented and creative with a great sense of color and style. I want more!

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