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Bodega Wall Paintings – 331 S. Main Street

Salt Lake City’s Bodega is a fun tavern because downstairs in the portion of the bar named “The Rest” (get to it by heading to the restroom in the back), you can get fancy cocktails while feeling like you’re in a 1920s speakeasy. Upstairs, you can order quick and cheap tequila shots and tacos (they also have free dum dum lollipops and matches).

But upstairs and downstairs are not all to this tavern—outside, while you’re waiting in line, there are quite a few delicate paintings and hidden toy treasures to observe as well. The paintings look like a set of Spanish flashcards—pair “el corazon” with a heart, “la corona” with a crown, “la escalera” with a ladder, and so on.

From the paintings outside to the interior decor (shelves full of religious candles and mounted bull skulls) Bodega has a southwestern-Mexican flair. That, paired with its faux speakeasy sister “The Rest,” is enough to pull visitors and onlookers into a nostalgic past—a past full of southwestern desert dwellers, secret hideaways, and oasis stops full of good eats and drinks.

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