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Blue Critchfield

Blue Critchfield in his studio, photo by Jim Stoddard

“When Blue Critchfield offered to lend out his sketchbook for perusal, he may as well have said, “Hey, here’s a key that opens a door into my brain.” Letting it go was risky, but appropriate for an artist who is pointedly focused on authentic communication. His personal definition of success revolves around “creating paintings honestly and thoughtfully,” which, in his terms, is accomplished through relentless honing of both skill and intent. “When I look at a piece of art,” Blue explains, “I think, ok, so what is this really doing? Does this offer anything? Does this say anything? Is it part of some transcendental cause? What is it contributing to society? I think I’m trying to figure out my own worth as an artist. So, while it’s not always fair to place every artist in that context of having a social purpose, that’s what I consider…”

Read Tiffani Widlansky’s profile of Blue Critchfield in the March 2009 edition of 15 Bytes.

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