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Billy Schenck at Modern West Fine Art



“…If you’re looking for scattered sagebrush and majestic skies, carved mesas and stunning sunsets, you’ll find plenty of it here. You’ll also find plenty of heroic figures, usually on horseback, framed by huge cumulus clouds, a trope so frequently employed it seems almost clumsy – until one sees the paintings that subvert the same trope, where, say, a rider in a work like “Study for Burning Daylight” casts a shadow across the sky and clouds, turning it into a backdrop rather than an actual setting. You won’t find this tongue-in-cheek attitude in Schenck’s images of Native Americans, however. Tightly composed, they are much more reverential and traditional: blanket-clad individuals, with pots, at peace in their dramatic landscapes. He seems  to be having it both ways: a touch of reverence here, a touch of romanticism there, but every once in a while a wink and a nod to the underpinnings of the genre he has made his home…”

Read the review in the February 2015 edition of 15 Bytes.

The founder of Artists of Utah and editor of its online magazine, 15 Bytes, Shawn Rossiter has undergraduate degrees in English, French and Italian Literature and studied Comparative Literature in graduate school before pursuing a career in art.

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