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Bill Louis Celebrates Family and Community With His New Mural

Bill Louis’ contribution to South Salt Lake’s Mural Fest 2021 is all about family. Louis started as a graffiti artist but says as he started a family he wanted to “change up the my old ways and start beautifying the community with murals.”

His mural on the south wall of Clever Octopus (2260 S. West Temple) features an image of his son, Rocky holding in his hands plumeria blossoms, best known for their use in Hawaiian leis. Louis says they represent “our loved ones and those in the Pacific Islander community that have passed from COVID-19. They are floating into the Heavens where they will watch over us. It was inspired by my family, my culture and my community.”

Louis’ work blends figures with a bright, dynamic menage of abstract designs. You may know his large 3,200 sq. foot mural at the South Town Mall in Sandy.

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