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Big Sky at St. George Art Museum

St. George
Sept. – Nov.

Our fascination with the sky began from a very early age. How many of us have asked the question “Why is the sky blue?” Throughout human history we have been drawn to the sky. Whether it’s the stunning array of colors during a sunset or the imaginative forms cumulus clouds make – it captures our interest. The sky reminds us to keep moving, as it is never stagnant. It can ground us, offering a moment of peace or distraction when we need it. Day or night it echoes the passing of time.

One of the most famous and beloved paintings of all time features a sky. The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh is so beloved that out of roughly 900 of his works, it is the most widely mass produced. Appearing on everything from notebooks to socks, his sky continues to captivate and enchant audiences even after 100 years. Here in Southern Utah, the city of Ivins has passed Night Sky Initiative ordinances, protecting the night sky over the city of Ivins from light pollution. On a clear night in Ivins you can view approximately 3,000 stars.

‘Big Sky’ features a selection of artwork from our Museum’s permanent collection. One of the artists featured prominently in this exhibit, Charles Thomas, drew inspiration for painting the sky from the famously stunning sunsets of Arizona. Arizona is famous for its sunsets due to the dry climate and abundance of dust particles creating a spectacular array of colors.

This exhibit encourages the audience to redirect their gaze to the incredible views we have right above us. We invite you to get lost in the wonder and beauty that is the sky.

“The sky is the daily bread of the eyes” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


St. George Art Museum
175 East 200 North
St. George, Ut 84770


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