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Best Of 2017: Abe Kimball

Abe Kimball is dedicated to his teaching role in Sanpete public schools and at Snow College. He has been entrenched in the arts since he was a small child, watching his artist father work in lithography, and received classical training in art and anthropology at Brigham Young University. He says he favors the work of Surrealists and Dadaists, but his compositions “are more like a fictitious chronicle of vintage peoples and their obsolete technologies.”   

He lives with his wife and children in the rural township of Indianola, in Sanpete County, and is best known for his multiple print compositions and stark images of people and their mundane “stuff.” Kimball believes his task is to portray what he terms “cultural leftovers” because, he explains, “better than anything else, our stuff suggests how we relate to the world.”

His work, “Five Thousand Souls,” made of 5,000 pairs of white sneakers, representing, among other things, the fact that an estimated 5,000 refugees have drowned in the Mediterranean since the beginning of the refugee crisis, appeared this year in the Specific Abject show at the Rio Gallery (see our review).

In 2017 Kimball has been excited to become adjunct faculty at Snow College as well as to begin “a fully functional lithography studio at home.”

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