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Becky Hansen

Becky Hansen


Becky Hansen is a Senior at the University Of Utah. She will graduate Spring 2013, obtaining a BFA with an emphasis in photography. Although still in the beginning stages of her career, her work has been displayed at fine art galleries locally including William’s Fine Art and Rockwood Art Studios, and her education has been contributed to in in multiple forms of Grants. Becky’s current work explores issues relating to ideas of identity, individuality, gender roles, and social norms. Using contemporary conceptual portraiture in a stark studio environment, her subjects are generally unaccompanied by props or background imagery.


Artist Statement

The raw potential of a body is so great that it can seem obscure if sincerely considered; so able, yet so contained. Our body is an axis on which we pivot. It is the only thing we carry from birth to death even if compromised in passage. Subject to thought, our bodies’ purpose is altered in comparison to other animals in many ways. In my photographs I use the body as a symbol to describe people and their perspectives. I use of a studio setting to allow the location of a figure to become obsolete while simultaneously creating an austere setting; this allows the viewer to focus solely on the distortion of the body and the sequential metaphor, without distraction. My photographs explore ideas about the individual, their identity, perceptions, and gender roles. Our physical mass, our bodies, act as anchors to existence as well as experience. I believe that the observation of this truth is crucial in understanding the way that people operate, interact, and believe. My images aim to examine these ideas, using bodies as a source of unadorned information.


Artist Images

“linear, 2”, 20×30, photograph


“linear, 9”, 20×30, photograph


“Projection 3”, 20×30, photograph


“untitled #4”, 20×30, photograph


“untitled #8”, 20×30, photograph

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