Bang for your Buck(s)

Every six months when our fundraisers roll around we have to sit around and think of new witty, stirring ways to say the same old thing — we need your financial support. We also brainstorm on how best to let you know how your financial contributions will affect your community. Well, this year one of our 2008 Fall Fundraiser contributors has done it for us. Here’s a comment from a recent pledge:

"As a local artist I check the call for entries listings weekly. I have found out about many of the shows I’ve participated in through your website.  I feel like 15 Bytes does a great job of keeping artists through out Utah connected.  It is a great balance of art, venues, people and issues that affect artists. I also love the new "extra extra" blog. Thank you for all you do."

So there you go. Your financial support helps make possible:
Our message board, which includes call for entries
The monthly publication of 15 Bytes, keeping artists and art lovers throughout Utah connected
The Extra! Extra! blog that provides weekly and daily coverage of the arts scene.

So please, if the financial crisis hasn’t totally wiped you out, consider making a donation to our fall fundraiser by going to our Fall Fundraiser page.

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