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Bad News for the Arts

The Utah Cultural Alliance reports that Kansas has become the first state without an arts agency. Governor Sam Brownback vetoed funding for the Kansas Arts Commission after the legislature voted to fund the commission over his objections.

Read the article here.

The UCA also reports that the U.S. House Education and Workforce Committee voted to terminated Art In Education funding, along with 43 other federal programs.
In their weekly newsletter the UCA writes: “During consideration of the bill Reps. Rush Holt (D-NJ), Lynn Woolsey (D-CA), Susan Davis (D-CA) and David Wu (D-OR) sponsored an amendment that would give the Secretary of Education the ability to fund and prioritize arts education, foreign language and history programs if he so desired. The vote on the amendment was 16-23 along strict party lines. All Republicans voted against it. Some of them opposed the amendment because of its composition, which, in theory, would cede discretion of funding AIE and the other programs to the Secretary of Education without express Congressional approval.”

“…This legislation is significant because it is not an annual appropriations bill, but a bill to permanently terminate these education programs as a part of the GOP plan to reauthorize the Elementary & Secondary Education Act (ESEA, or aka No Child Left Behind).”

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